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Bangladesh Police Constable Job Circular 2019

Bangladesh Police Constable Job Circular 2019 has been published today. But it will be released soon. BD Police declares this job circular, we publish it on our website. All information related to the Bangladesh Police Constable Job Circular 20159-9 is available on our website EasyLineBD.Com as well as at the Bangladesh Police official website www.police.gov.bd.
Every year, Bangladesh Police constable is appointed. This year, Bangladesh Police will publish the job posting notice. Men and women can apply for work equally. But they must accept all the rules, terms and conditions of Bangladesh Police.
Police Constable Job Examination Distributes 2019 Marks
In the Bangladesh Police Constable Job Examination, 2019, the subject of the examination will be determined by the Bangladesh Police Authority. The total number will be 60. The Bangladesh Police Constable has two post graduate examinations in the year 2019. They have written examination and the other is Viva.
• The total number of written tests is 40 and
• Total number of Viva voice test 20
Bangladesh Police Constable Job Examination 2019
Bangladesh Police will take 3 steps to appoint new police constables! These three steps are given below: –
1. Initial selection,
2. Written Test &
3. Viva Test.
4. At first BP (Bangladesh Police) authorities publish the job notice for “constable”. After the application, the preliminary selection of interested applicants will be present. Then the written test will be held for the primary candidates. Those candidates will pass written exams, and then they will call Viva test.
5. Bangladesh Police constable
6. The entry level location constable of the primary level of Bangladesh Police. Constables Public Appearance of Police in Bangladesh They provide the community with the most basic level.
7. All constables are directly employed. The direct recruitment process of the constable was disrupted by the Superintendent of Police of the district.
8. After joining Constables, six months of basic training in different centers, as well as the Bangladesh Police Academy, TRC (Training Recruit Constable) has gained experience. However, representation services in several units, constables are also different from the service training courses for their training progress and professional expansion. Among them are the Orientation Course for the Immigration Orientation Course, SB Protection Officers Orientation Course, Basic Services Course, Orientation Course for SCO Officers; In the Passport Verification Roll conducted by Constable SB Training Course, TDS takes part in driving courses in Dhaka, MDTS Jamalpur, Orientation Course. Besides, computer training courses at BRTA and Bangladesh-German and Bangladesh-Korean Technical Training Center, Police Telecom Training School, Bangla Academy, Engineers Institution and various In-Service Centers.

Bangladesh Police Constable Written Result
BD Police Constable Job Results 2019
10. The result of the written examination of the Bangladesh Police Constable Job is special here. You can download your written test results with PDF here. Work results will be published, you can download test results from here. We will publish all District based written and Viva test results. So if you want to first check your written test results visit our website.

Bangladesh Police Constable Jobs Circular published 2019 May 23, 019. This year 6,800 male and 2880 female candidates will be taken by this notification. Join the Bangladesh Police Constable Job Circular 2015 and develop your dream career. Now published 2019 Police Constable Job’s Circular official website. Dear visitors, you know every year we publish the police constable work notice on this page. Hope this is great news we have initially given other websites. Bangladesh Police Constable Job Circular Here you can make both format images jpg and pdf here. So if you want to get this information then you can visit our website regularly. Bangladesh Police Constable Job’s circular first published JPP images on their official website. At the same time we have given notice of this work here. Korean lottery for Bangladesh can be applied here.
Bangladesh Police Constable Jobs Circular 2019
Every year Bangladesh Police Constable publishes the work. Bangladeshi citizens both men and women attend this notice. Challenging work for any other work done in police work. Who wants to join this challenging job can apply for 2019 round.
We will also be publishing all the jobs of Bangladesh Police Assistant Police Super (ASP), Sub-Inspector, Sergeant, Constable, http://www.police.gov.bd and jobscircular24.com. This notification has been published in some public positions recently published by Bangladesh Police. As a result we give you this notice. So if you want this free interest then you can apply to our website. All the information is given below.
Age and height:
General quota (male) Age: 18-20 years, height: 5’6 ” (five feet six inches)
Freedom fighters Age: 18-32 years, height: 5’4 ” (five feet four inches)
General and other quota (female) Age: 18-20 years, Height: 5’2 ” (five feet two inches)
Freedom Fighters (Female) Age: 19-32 years, Height: 5’2 ” (5 feet 2 inches)
Tribal Quota (male) Age: 18-20 years, Height: 5’4 ” (5 feet 4 inches)
The topic is determined by Bangladesh Police
The total number of written tests is 40 and the total number of Viva voice test is 20
We will publish all police jobs notice on this website. Recently, we publish the circular of Bangladesh Police SI job for the first time on our website in 2019. Now we work on this test results and Viva results and more published. So if you want to download this notification you can visit our website.
The written test results will be given here. You can download your written test results here. When will the written test results be published? At the same time you can download your test results from him. We are given all district districts and written test results. So if you want to first check your written test results visit our website.
See Bangladesh Police Job Notification 2019
How can you apply Bangladesh Police Job Circular 2019? This work will be applied round-the-clock. We are given a download link for this work form. Then you can download this. After downloading the information fills all the information and sends the address. Publish the Bangladesh Police Constable Jobs Circular 2019 Circular.

Bangladesh Police recently published a post of job reporter, seven-leopikar, co-computer, assistant librarian, co-computer assistant officer. We will upload all the information which is published in the official website of Bangladesh Police.
Bangladesh Police Constable Jobs’s Circular
Bangladesh Police Job Circular 2019. The government of Bangladesh has now published the police notification of the year 2019. Many dreamed with the police in Bangladesh. So now this time you fulfill your dreams. More than 10 thousand new posts will be published, this notice will start 1500 female constables and February 2019 primary election of 8500 mail constables and it will continue in March 2019 (time and date of possible publication). The written test will start in July and Viva will be held in July.
Bangladesh Police Job Notification 2019
Bangladesh Police Constable Jobs’s Circular 2019 is now published. Any update published in the Bangladesh Police Constable Jobs Circular 2011 was given at the same time. Then we are notified of doing this here. The publication of a police constable job report published in January 2018 was published this year after February 2015. At the same time, we updated this notice image at the same time by updating the police recruitment information on the police official website 2019.
Bangladesh Police released empty jobs for the new job at www.police.gov.bd. The Bangladesh Police Job Circular gave some new vacancies in this post. Eight, SSC results 2019 Bangladesh, HSC, Honor and graduate students apply this Bangladesh Police official notification 2019. You can test our website www.police.gov.bd C-2019. Notice of new police work published in Ejobscircular.com Your documents must be sent before 10 June 2015.
Bangladesh Police Constable Circular 2019 www.police.gov.bd Bangladesh Police Constable Job Circulner was published on May 23, 2019. In the preceding year, the police authorities published a notice of work for the constable and the process almost ended. But the Police Constable Circular 2019 has not yet been published. We hope the Constable Circular will be published soon. So, here we talk about hiring police constable instructors. Together, about ten thousand constables will be hired by this appointment.
Police Constable Circular 2019
However, the police authorities publicly posted the new Police Constable Job Circular 2019. On May 23, the circular published. All the 10,000 (ten thousand) constables will be appointed through the 2019 circular. They will recruit 1500 female constables and 8500 male constables.
Bangladesh Police Constable Written Results and Viva Fiscal 2015 Bangladesh Police Training Constable Job Reporting and Results Police Constable Work Circular 2019 has been published. This circular 2019 contains a total of 10,000 police constables posts. Of them, 1500 female constables and 8500 male constables will be recruited.
Eligible candidates will be selected, they will have to fill the application form given by the Police Super. Now fill the application form with necessary documents and must submit.

Police Constable Work Circular 2019
The preliminary selection process of police constable will start on 22 June 2015 and it will end on 3 July 2019. The written test will be held from 019 and the Viva test will be held in 2019. See below from your district notification date
Final selection process:
Initial selection, written examination and successfully passed candidates in Viva voice They will be selected for recruitment. But the application will be confronted with police verification and medical examination. Police verification and medical examination will be selected for the successful candidate training period.
The police constable needs to apply
• Interested candidates should be unmarried
Candidates aged 18 to 20 will be on 01 January 2011.
January 01, 2011 Freedom Fighter quota candidates will be 18 to 23 but freedom fighters must be 18 to 20.
• Interested candidates will have to pass SSC or equivalent examination. Minimum GPA-5
Common quota for men:
Height: (1.6764 meters) 5 feet 6 inches
Chest: (31 in) 0.7874 meters
Chest expansion: (33 inches) 0.8082
Male for quota candidates
Height: (1.62 meters) 5 feet 4 inches
Chest: (30 inches) 0.7672 meters
Chest expansion: (31 inches) 0.7874 meters
For women candidates (all quota):
(1.58 meters) 5 feet 2 inches See the circular about the physical columnist for more details.
Interested candidates must be citizens of Bangladesh. Candidates will have to appear in their respective district hiring centers in the primary election.
Basic training is 06 (six) months. Candidates receive money for training period. 500 / – and other benefits.
Documents needed for primary selection:
• Original copy of all academic certificates (or temporary)
• Letter certificate from the last academic institute.
• Citizen’s Certificate Form Union Chairman, mayor, city corporation,
• Copy the original national ID card of the candidates, if the candidates do not have any national ID card then their parent ID card should be shown.
• 3 copy color photos (certified).
• Treasury Calendars Copy (৳ 100 / -)
• Quota Certificate, if applicable.


Police Constable Written Results 2019
Applicants who have passed successful exams must participate in 40-minute 90-minute written examination, after the written examination, the successful candidate will have to face the 20th FEE exam. If a candidate gets 45% marks separately from each exam, they will be selected for the post.
The total number of written tests is 40 and the total number of Viva voice test is 20.
Results of Police Constable Job Results
Police Constable Job Written Results 2019 can be found here. The written test will be held from January 28 to January 2019.
Therefore, the police constable will publish written results for all areas from 28 January to 30 January 2019
Bangladesh Police Constable
Bangladesh police constable police primary entrance position. Police constables face police in police. They serve the community at the most basic level. All the constables are directly employed. The direct recruitment procedure of the constable is handled by the superintendent of the district police.
Get more updates about police police work such as Police Constable Posts, Sergeant Post, SI Posts and other information like our Police Facebook page.

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